World first at IFA: THOMAS DryBOX Amfibia all-in-one vacuum cleaner

Neunkirchen, August 2019 – Innovative technology, combined in an absolute world first – exhibited at this year’s IFA Exhibition between 6 and 11 September in Berlin, the renowned German family company THOMAS is presenting its new flagship floor care product to an international audience: The THOMAS DryBOX Amfibia which is made in Germany. The new premium appliance combines multiple prize-winning cyclone technology, winner of the German Innovation Award, with the unique AQUA+ technology patented by THOMAS with sophisticated spray/wash/suction function. A brand-new product that marks another milestone in THOMAS’s 100-year history from which the German company from Siegerland continues its international expansion. The THOMAS DryBOX Amfibia offers customers a unique, multi-talented appliance that can be used to tackle floor and upholstery care tasks throughout the home. Equipped with the innovative DryBOX it delivers very powerful cyclonic suction for dry vacuuming without the use of water. For vacuuming that freshens the room, the high-end appliance uses a sophisticated and superior cleaning technology – AQUA+ filter system – the choice of experts in floorcare. Developed and produced in Germany it is unique to the international market. Dust, dirt, odour molecules and allergens are bound in water, leaving the air noticeably fresher. And that’s not all that the new miracle cleaning appliance can do: It vacuums up liquids, removes even the most stubborn of stains, washes and cleans sensitive parquet floors. For customers, it is an all-in-one household helper for highly efficient, thorough cleaning throughout the home; for THOMAS, it is a guarantee for promising market expansion!


THOMAS Amfibia Parquet Cleaning Nozzle

Innovative and refreshingly different for over 100 years
A pioneering spirit and innovative strength combined with an appreciation of tradition: In keeping with this motto, the company Robert Thomas has been developing its “made in Germany” products at the Neunkirchen site in Siegerland, North Rhine-Westphalia, for over 100 years – always with a special focus on durability, quality and functionality. Today, innovative THOMAS dust and washing vacuum cleaners demonstrate the visionary strength of the company, which has established itself as a strong competitor not only on the German market but internationally, particularly in Russia and Eastern Europe. With the launch of the new THOMAS DryBOX Amfibia, the German manufacturer is once again proving its technological prowess in dust and washing vacuum cleaners.

Refreshing vacuuming with the AquaBOX
This is demonstrated quite literally by the unique AQUA+ technology from THOMAS – the innovation-driven company’s signature technology. It combines bagless vacuuming, without losing any suction power, with a special water filter system in the AquaBOX, so dirt is vacuumed up and the air is freshened simultaneously. Dust, allergens, pollen and dirt are first dampened with water during the suction process and then safely and odourlessly bound in the water tank. The dirt particles can no longer escape into the air and are disposed of with the water – for the efficient removal of even the finest of dust particles and allergens leaving the air up to 100% fresher.

DryBOX cyclone – Efficient dry vacuuming
The cyclone DryBOX in the THOMAS DryBOX Amfibia can be inserted as an efficient alternative filtration system to using water but still helps one to breathe easier. The innovative technology employs a dual-chamber system to separate fine dust and allergenic particles from coarse dirt while vacuuming. Pesky fine dust goes directly into the fine dust chamber and is not released back into the air. To empty, the flap on the front of the box is simply opened and the contents hygienically disposed of into the bin, without having to come into contact with them.

Upholstery and floor cleaning made surprisingly easy
Fight stains naturally with water – the THOMAS DryBOX Amfibia’s integrated spray/wipe/suction function is another pioneering innovation by the German cleanliness specialist and provides an efficient wet cleaning method for upholstery, carpets and hard floors. Thanks to the effective spray pressure system and the special Sprühex nozzles – available for upholstery or floors – even stubborn dirt can be removed easily and conveniently in one go: The cleaning solution is pressure sprayed into the carpet, penetrating deep into the fibres to release the dirt and is then immediately vacuumed up again. Using the parquet cleaning nozzle with a microfibre pad included, even smooth floors such as tiles, parquet and laminate can be vacuumed, washed and dried – no contact with cleaning agents, ideal for those with sensitive skin. The wet vacuum function can also be used to easily, quickly and completely remove small amounts of liquid.

THOMAS innovations live at IFA
THOMAS invites interested journalists and trade professionals to visit the THOMAS trade fair stand at this year’s IFA (Hall 4.1, Stand 210) and see the innovations “made in Germany” for themselves. Manfred Donath, Marketing Manager, and Harald Vitocco, Sales Manager, or one of our other marketing and sales colleagues, look forward to telling guests all about the latest product highlights and technologies over a refreshing drink at the THOMAS AQUA Bar.

Information about the company and other THOMAS products is available on the website The company’s press office can be contacted directly at


THOMAS is a brand of the renowned German family enterprise Robert Thomas, Metall und Elektrowerke GmbH & Co., based in Neunkirchen in the Siegerland region of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. In keeping with its determination to “Do our best for our customers,” Robert Thomas has been developing and manufacturing innovative „Made in Germany“ products for more than 100 years. The production of the first electric motor-driven metal washing machine in Europe at the end of the 1940s was considered a major milestone in the history of the company. Today allergy-friendly vacuum and carpet cleaners with and without spray extraction – specially designed to meet the needs of pet owners and allergy sufferers – demonstrate the pioneering spirit of the company, which is now owner-managed in the fourth generation. More than 300 employees work at the Neunkirchen location. There, devices of the highest quality, longevity and serviceability standard are manufactured. THOMAS products are available throughout Germany in large and small electric appliance specialty stores and on the Internet and are sold in more than 30 countries all over the world. Further information is available on the Internet at