THOMAS at IFA: Clever technology for pet owners, allergy sufferers and fresh air fans

Neunkirchen, August 2018 – Innovative technologies "made in Germany" – this year's IFA, from 31 August to 5 September in Berlin, offers the opportunity to get convinced of the innovative strength of the Siegerland-based company THOMAS (Hall 4.1, Stand 210). Thanks to the well developed, unique cyclone and AQUA technologies, the multiple award-winning THOMAS floor care devices are ideal for pet owners and allergy sufferers – but also for people who would like to clean their homes quickly and thoroughly and who appreciate a pleasant and fresh room climate. The THOMAS cyclone easyBOX with double-chamber system was specially developed for powerful cyclone vacuum cleaners such as the THOMAS CYCLOON HYBRID Pet & Friends. It separates coarse dirt and allergenic fine dust directly during the vacuum process. On the other hand, the AQUA technology uses a technically advanced water filter system to bind odour molecules, dust, allergens and animal hair in water – for highly efficient, thorough cleaning and up to 100% refreshed room air! 

Removes fine dust safely and contact-free: the THOMAS easyBOX
Innovative technology that makes life – and breathing – easier. The easyBOX of the THOMAS CYCLOON HYBRID models separates fine dust and allergenic particles from coarse dirt directly during the vacuuming process thanks to the double-chamber system. This ensures that burdening fine dust lands safely in the fine dust chamber and is not released back into the room air. For emptying, the flap at the front of the box is opened and the contents are disposed hygienically in the dustbin. To ensure that nothing can escape, the chamber can simply be filled with water whereby contact with fine dust is completely avoided. Coarse dust and animal hair can also be disposed of easily and without direct contact thanks to the clever removal and opening mechanism at the side of the box. 
Cleaning and refreshing air at the same time: The THOMAS AQUA-FreshAir-Box
Vacuuming dust, dirt and animal hair and providing fresh air at the same time? This is possible: thanks to the innovative THOMAS AQUA technology. This technology combines bagless vacuum cleaning without loss of power with a special water filter system in the AQUA-FreshAir-Box, which is filled with one liter of water. House dust, allergens, pollen, dirt and animal hair are first moistened with water during the vacuuming process and then bound safely and odourlessly in the water tank. The dirt particles can no longer escape into the room air and are disposed of with the water – for efficient removal of even the finest dust particles and allergens and up to 100% refreshed room air, which allows pet owners and allergy sufferers to breathe a sigh of relief.
Unbeatable combination in the CYCLOON HYBRID models
The easyBOX and the AQUA-FreshAir-Box are combined in the models of the new THOMAS CYCLOON HYBRID vacuum cleaners. In the multiple test winners and recipient of the German Innovation Award 2018 in the Household Appliances category, both boxes can be used as desired. Thanks to the innovative bypass drive technology, the THOMAS CYCLOON HYBRID works with a powerful 1,400 watt power, guarantees a constantly high vacuum cleaning power and can even absorb water.
Innovative wet vacuuming system for upholstered furniture and floors
In selected AQUA+ models, the AQUA+ technology also convinces with a wipe-spray-vacuuming function for thorough stain removal. Thanks to the effective spray pressure system and the „Sprühex“ upholstery nozzle, even tenacious stains on upholstered furniture, mattresses or small carpets can be removed in just one step: the cleaning solution is sprayed into upholstery or carpet with pressure. The dirt dissolves and is washed out deeply. The dirty water is vacuumed immediately afterwards. With the parquet cleaning nozzle with microfibre pad, even smooth floors such as tiles, parquet or laminate can be vacuumed, wiped and dried in one single step – ideal for people with sensitive skin, as there is no skin contact with cleaning agents. With the wet vacuuming function, small quantities of liquid can even be quickly and completely removed.
Information about the company and other THOMAS cleaning devices can be found on the website
THOMAS is a brand of the renowned German family enterprise Robert Thomas, Metall und  Elektrowerke GmbH & Co., based in Neunkirchen in the Siegerland region of North Rhine- Westphalia, Germany. In keeping with its determination to “Do our best for our customers,” Robert Thomas has  been developing and manufacturing innovative „Made in Germany“ products for more than 100 years. The production of the first electric motor-driven metal washing machine in Europe at the end of the 1940s was considered a major milestone in the history of the company. Today allergy-friendly vacuum and carpet cleaners with and without spray extraction – specially designed to meet the needs of pet owners and allergy sufferers – demonstrate the pioneering spirit of the company, which is now owner-managed in the fourth generation. More than 300 employees work at the Neunkirchen location. There, devices of the highest quality, longevity and serviceability  standard are manufactured. THOMAS products are available throughout Germany in large and small electric appliance specialty stores and on the Internet and are sold in more than 30 countries all over the world. Further information is available on the Internet at

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