Spy Museum opens its doors in hausInvest property at Leipziger Platz / CLASSICON in Berlin fully leased

  • Innovative espionage exhibition concept on two floors of the 9,400-square-metre property
  • Museum has signed a long-term lease agreement

Commerz Real has successfully concluded the remarketing of the Berlin commercial real estate CLASSICON at Leipziger Platz 9 as a multi-tenant property for its open-ended real estate fund hausInvest. Today, on 17 September 2015, the Spy Museum Berlin is officially opening its doors on the ground and first floors with a vernissage in the 9,400-square-metre property, thus adding a further highlight to Berlin’s museum landscape; on Saturday, 19 September 2015, the museum then opens its doors to the general public. The Spy Museum, which familiarises visitors with the topic of espionage and its historical development through to the present day in an innovative and interactive exhibition, has signed a long-term lease agreement. The opening of the museum is the final step in the successful further development of the property for a number of tenants, following the departure of the former sole tenant DB Schenker. The property in the heart of Berlin is now once again fully leased.

“The CLASSICON is an outstanding example of our sustainable strategy of exclusively acquiring properties for hausInvest which, thanks to their first-class location, architecture and fit-out, can also be successfully marketed even after the first life-cycle,” explains Mario Schüttauf, fund manager of hausInvest. “Moreover, the fact that the museum has taken up a lease shows that our approach of considering tenants from outside the circle of classical commercial users is paying off. We are extremely pleased that the museum has decided in favour of the CLASSICON and we are convinced that the concept of this cultural institution in our property and in Berlin will be a complete success.”

The Spy Museum Berlin allows visitors to take a fascinating journey through the world of espionage on an area of some 3,000 square metres. In the course of the extensive exhibition the history of espionage from the ancient times through to the modern age is explained. In addition to “analog” content, such as a large number of exhibits, classical wall panels and captions, the conveying of information in a digital and interactive form using touch walls, laser projectors and courses, screens, workstations and video installations plays an important role.

The CLASSICON was completed in 2002 and purchased in the same year for the open-ended real estate fund hausInvest. Among the new tenants which have been acquired in the framework of the multi-tenant strategy are, in addition to the museum, law firms and service providers from the financial, educational, medical, and real estate sectors. As well as the CLASSICON, the fund’s Berlin portfolio also includes the office property Dorotheen-Ensemble, which is likewise fully leased, together with Hotel de Rome and Motel One am Spittelmarkt.

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