Commerz Real sells fully-leased Hamburg office property “Deelbögenkamp 4”

Commerz Real has sold the office complex “Deelbögenkamp 4” in Hamburg’s Alsterdorf district to Leipzig-based publity AG. The property, which is located to the north-east of the city centre and right next to the River Alster, encompasses approx. 28,000 square metres of lettable office space and 550 underground parking spaces.

In the framework of its active asset management Commerz Real had established excellent prerequisites for the successful sale by ensuring the complex was fully leased, with renowned companies from the insurance and telecommunications sectors rank among the tenants. The main tenant in the complex, which was completed in 1995, is Verwaltungsberufsgenossenschaft (VBG), the institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention in the administrative sector.

The flexible construction with five structures each with five full storeys and a stacked storey joined to one another by bridges allows for diverse third-party usage possibilities; furthermore, “Deelbögenkamp 4” enjoys excellent links to local and long-distance public transport networks. This, alongside the fact that the property is fully leased, is a further benefit offered by the real estate to the future owner.

The property is the only asset of a real estate leasing fund issued in 1993 (CFB Fund 42). This is being liquidated as scheduled with the sale of the property which is to be agreed upon this year at a shareholders’ meeting.

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